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Wireless Frequently Asked Questions

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If your question is not answered here please contact NetEase at 731-845-5640 or online.

NetEase is growing our wireless network to areas we currently serve dialup access to. Wireless Broadband is an exciting new technology that allows users to maintain "always on" connections to the Internet and download web pages, e-mail and more at speeds almost 30 times faster than a 56K dialup. The following are a few facts about Wireless Broadband.

Q. Does Wireless Broadband require a phone line?
A. No. Wireless Broadband does not need access to a phone line.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract for Wireless Broadband?
A. No. Unlike other broadband services NetEase does not require lengthy contracts or force customers to buy additional packages in order to benefit from the savings.

Q. What does Always On mean?
A. Your wireless connection is available 24 hours per day. No waiting for phone lines or other delays associated with dial up connections. Just turn your computer on and go!

Q. Can I get wireless broadband in my residence or business?
A. Wireless Broadband requires line of sight to one of our tower locations. As we grow our wireless network, we will be installing towers in locations where customer needs require them. Please fill out a survey request so a representative can survey your location.

Q. Can I erect a tower of my own in order to connect to the wireless network?
A. Yes. If a reasonable height tower will resolve any line of sight issues you can build a small antenna stand in order to obtain the height you need. NetEase can assist you in getting your antenna stand built. Contact us for more information.

Q. How does Wireless Broadband compare to cable, DSL or satellite modems?
A. Wireless Broadband allows faster downloads without the limitation on distance or access to lines provided by the phone or cable companies. Satellite connections tend to have a high latency which is not experienced with Wireless Broadband.

Q. Will Wireless Broadband make my computer faster?
A. Although there will not be as much protocol overhead on your computer, the actual speed of your computer is determined by factors such as CPU speed, available memory, hard drive speed, etc.. These are items that are beyond our control. However, we have witnessed computers that operated much more smoothly connected to our wireless network.

Q. What if I can not get line of sight to your towers?
A. There are other options available. In some cases, amplified antennas, small antenna towers, etc. may be required to get access to a tower. The representative that surveys your site will provide more details on what may be required.

Q. Can I use NetEase Wireless Broadband with my laptop?
A. In roaming situations where you are within line of sight to our towers, access to mobile devices is possible.

Q. What about wires in my business? Can I use wireless in my business?
A. This is possible. However, this will require a wireless gateway at additional cost.

Q. I have read a lot about wireless hackers. Is my wireless connection a security risk?
A. NetEase requires 128-bit encryption in order to connect to our network. In addition to high encryption, we also authenticate all connection using an internal secure server. It is true however, if a ad-hoc wireless network is set up improperly a hacker could get in to that network without much trouble. If you are considering installing a wireless network, contact NetEase and we will be glad to advise you on setup.

We will be making additions to the Wireless FAQ over time. Please check back.


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