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Is your business paying too much for bandwidth?

Our Fixed Wireless Broadband for Business delivers more bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of comparable wired data circuits. NetEase utilizes secure connections with three levels of firewall security to help protect your business network. VPN capabilities are included in all business packages which allows your business to take advantage of networking remote offices via your Internet connection.

If you're interested in Fixed Wireless Broadband, click here to request a free consultation. One of our representatives will contact you to check availability in your area.


Business Essentials

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  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Up to 5mbps burstable rate, 1mbps upstream**
  • 1 E-mail Account
  • Web Mail Access
  • Technical Support
  • Always ON Connection

For growing businesses that do not require heavy downloading. Burstable download rates up to 5mbps and upload rates up to 1mbps.

As low as $69.95. Call for special pricing

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Business Deluxe

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  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Up to 8mbps burstable rate, 2mbps upstream**
  • 5 E-mail Accounts
  • Web Mail Access
  • Technical Support
  • Always ON Connection

For businesses needing higher speeds or multiple users. Burstable download rates up to 8mbps and upload rates up to 1mbps.

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Business Premium

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  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Up to 12mbps burstable rate, 2mbps upstream**
  • 10 E-mail Accounts
  • Web Mail Access
  • Technical Support
  • Always ON Connection

Superfast download speeds for the business with multiple power users. Burstable download rates up to 12.5mbps and upload rates up to 2mbps.

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All plans come with a 12 month price guarantee.
Equipment Options - Equipment lease $5 per month. Purchase Option available for maximum savings.
Basic Firewall Router - Basic $39.95. Advanced Firewall Router $99.95.
Activation/Installation - $69.95*.


Other Equipment Options
Equipment Warranty - Replacement protection for your wireless equipment. Based on equipment covered. As low as $5.00 per month in most cases.
The equipment utilized to bring Internet into your home or business is via a wireless radio. Although NetEase will replace defective equipment at no additional charge to the customer, damage such as lightning or deliberate damage will be the responsibility of the consumer. Equipment protection will help to defray the cost of such damage. Distances shown consider line of sight to a tower or repeater point on our network.
Other options available including custom antenna setups and radio components.

Business Network Package
Supports up to 5 connected PC's.
Default firewall setup by NetEase
Future firewall changes $35 per hour
Router $125 (Includes Setup)
Network Card Install $50 per computer (If required)
May require additional cabling between networked computers. Additional cost will be billed on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Static IP Address Option
$5 per month per single IP
Maximum $100 per month
IP addresses must be justified in accordance with ARIN rulings. Customer router must be capable of routing IP.

Wireless Business Network Package
Allows consumer to utilize a laptop with their broadband service within their business. Requires purchase of Wireless Access Point and PC Cards if needed.
Access Point - $75.00 (Includes Setup)
Additional computers - $50.00 (If PC Card is required) / $15 (No PC Card Required)

(Wireless Business Network Installation is not recurring and will only apply at the time of installation).

There is no sales tax on Internet Access charges. 9.5% Sales Tax applicable to equipment purchases and rentals.

*On-site installation includes radio unit, wall mount bracket and attachment to 1 device within 50FT of radio. If additional hardware is required for installation, additional charges may apply. Installation does not include operating system repair or cleanup. Consumers computer must be capable of handling the overhead that a high speed connection can incur.
**The maximum speed indicates burst speed at a maximum of 120 seconds unless connection is dedicated. Actual available bandwidth will depend on link quality, Internet congestion, server or router speeds, protocol overhead, or other factors. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed. Read our Wireless Broadband Policy for more information.

Our services cater to business and personal needs for the Internet community. If you're interested in one of our products or experience problems with our service, please contact us online or by voice at 1-888-4-NetEase. Local calls dial 845-5640.