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Pump Up Your Internet Speed!

Wireless TowerOffering download speeds faster than cable or DSL modems, our Fixed Wireless Broadband customers can get web pages, e-mail, data services and much more at speeds unlike any other service. Up to 12 Mbps! Fixed Wireless Broadband provides users with an "always on" connection that makes doing business on the Internet easier. Business applications, streaming music or video and VOIP work flawlessly with real data rates that can not be matched by other technologies. Fixed Broadband for Business delivers high speed data circuits at a fraction of the cost of comparable wired data circuits. Home users can enjoy lightning fast downloads and features such as Home Networking which will allow multiple family members to enjoy the Internet also. If you're interested in Fixed Wireless Broadband, click here to request a free site survey. One of our representatives will contact you to check availability in your area. Check out the wireless FAQ for more information on the survey process.

Available now to customers with line of sight to:
(NOTE: Line of sight is defined as being able to see the transmitter directly)

NetEase Tower
39 Tennessee Ave. South. 100 foot tower just behind the NetEase office and Barrett's Jewelers.
**Chesterfield/Middleburg Area
180 foot tower just north of Highway 412 in the Bible Grove Rd. area.
Graves Construction
Located just west of Parsons on Highway 412 just above the roof of the shed.
**Campground Road Decaturville
120 Foot tower with red light on Campground Road in Decaturville. May require antenna mast or tower to get line of sight.
Decatur County Sheriff Tower Decaturville
Approxmately 1/2 way up this tower in Decaturville. Most of downtown Decaturville.
Parsons Water Tank
Downtown Parsons. This is the tank with the train painted on it.
WKJQ Radio Tower
150 Foot tower on Iron Hill Rd. in Parsons.
Downtown Lexington
70 Foot Tower behind City Hall downtown Lexington. (Covers most of the downtown area)
Lexington Area
100 Foot Tower behind the Gas Department. (Old Coke Plant)
Helms Motor Company, Lexington
Just above roof of dealership.
Fairlane Drive, Waynesboro
180 foot tower behind Hospital on the hill in the vicinty of the cell tower.
Linden 911 Tower
Located on Hwy 412 just east of Linden.
Perry County Courthouse
Downtown Linden.

** Effective June 16, 2014, we will no longer be adding customers to the Chesterfield or Borron locations. Due to the mix of older clients and new clients we are forced to utilize older technology at these locations which limits the amount of data that can be streamed. Until such time that all client radios can be upgraded, we will not add additional customers to these sites.

We are increasing the availability of wireless broadband daily. Check back here for the latest locations. Click here for a free site survey.



Other Equipment Options
Equipment Warranty - Replacement protection for your wireless equipment. Based on equipment covered. As low as $5.00 per month in most cases.
The equipment utilized to bring Internet into your home or business is via a wireless radio. Although NetEase will replace defective equipment at no additional charge to the customer, damage such as lightning or deliberate damage will be the responsibility of the consumer. Equipment protection will help to defray the cost of such damage. Distances shown consider line of sight to a tower or repeater point on our network.
Other options available including custom antenna setups and radio components.

There is no sales tax on Internet Access charges. 9.5% Sales Tax applicable to equipment purchases and rentals.

*On-site installation includes radio unit, wall mount bracket and attachment to 1 device within 50FT of radio. If additional hardware is required for installation, additional charges may apply. Installation does not include operating system repair or cleanup. Consumers computer must be capable of handling the overhead that a high speed connection can incur.
**The maximum speed indicates burst speed at a maximum of 120 seconds unless connection is dedicated. Actual available bandwidth will depend on link quality, Internet congestion, server or router speeds, protocol overhead, or other factors. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed. Read our Wireless Broadband Policy for more information.

Our services cater to business and personal needs for the Internet community. If you're interested in one of our products or experience problems with our service, please contact us online or by voice at 1-888-4-NetEase. Local calls dial 845-5640.