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Web Host Deluxe
  • 50 MB Web Storage
  • Up to 200 E-Mail Accounts (Virus Scanning Available)
  • Web Mail Access
  • Front Page 2002 Extensions Available
  • FTP Access Available
  • Daily Site Backup
  • CGI Access
  • Database Support
  • Web Administration
  • Domain Name Management

Deluxe Web Hosting ( is available for $19.95 per month for up to 50 MB of online storage. Deluxe Web Hosting includes 100 e-mail accounts ( Manage your site via Front Page or FTP Access.

$19.95 per month. One-Time $30 Hosting Setup. Domain registration charges not included in setup cost.

Web Host Lite
  • 20 MB Web Storage
  • Email Forwarding (Virus Scanning Available)
  • Front Page 2002 Extensions Available
  • FTP Access Available
  • Daily Site Backup
  • CGI Access

Get your business on the web with Lite Web Hosting ( $14.95 per month for up to 20 MB of online storage. Email forwarding to your existing e-mail address. Front Page or FTP Access to update your site.

$14.95 per month. One-Time $30 Hosting Setup. Domain registration charges not included in setup cost.

NetSite Business
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • 20 MB Web Storage
  • FTP Access
  • Daily Site Backup

A Business Web Site without the hassles of domain name management. FTP Access gives you the ability to maintain your site from anywhere.

$14.95 per month. One-Time $30 Hosting Setup.

Business Card
  • One Page Business Card Site
  • Page Setup Included
  • Low Monthly Cost

A perfect opportunity for any business to establish a presence on the Web! This one page web site provides you with ample space to display your offerings and let the world know how to contact you. The amount of information that may be put on a Business Card Web Page is equal to that which would be put on a brochure or handout briefly describing your business and products. Setup Fee will be waived for advanced payment of 6 months or more. We will even design the page and place it on the server.

$10.95 per month. One-Time $25 Hosting Setup.

DNS Management
  • Secure DNS Management
  • Multiple Name Servers

Secure DNS Management for domains requiring primary or secondary name servers or sites that own more than one domain name for the same site.

$5.00 per month. Domain registration charges not included.

Domain Registration charges of $17.50 per year apply to all domains.
Hosting Setup Fee will be waived for contracts of 6 months or more.

Additional features available:

  • Guestbook - One-time $25 setup. $5 per month.
  • Message Board - One-time $25 setup. $5 per month.
  • Web Site Statistics - One-time $50 setup. $10 per month. Allows you to monitor your web site usage. Includes detailed information including top keywords, referrers and much more.
  • Database Storage - Free with Web Host Deluxe. Setup based on requirements. Maintenance charges may apply. Make your data web accessible but secure with several database formats supported.
  • Cgi-Bin - Your custom cgi scripts can be loaded on your web site at no extra charge. All cgi scripts are approved by our technical staff to ensure security.
  • E-mail Service - For domain owners without a web site that would like unique addresses for employees or family members or domains with more than the allowed number of e-mail addresses. $9.95 per address setup. $2.00 per address monthly. (Does not include domain registration).
  • Advanced AntiVirus Scanning - All incoming mail to your domain will be scanned using Central Command Vexira Mailarmor to ensure incoming e-mail viruses, trojans and worms are prevented.
    0-20 Mailboxes - $7.50 per month
    0-50 Mailboxes - $15.00 per month
    > 50 Mailboxes - $20.00 per month

Sign Up for Antivirus and Advanced Antispam for your domain now!

For more information on features available please contact us online for more information.

Our services cater to business and personal needs for the Internet community. If you're interested in one of our products or experience problems with our service, please contact us online or by voice at 1-888-4-NetEase. Local calls dial 845-5640.

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