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Windows Live Mail

If you have just bought a computer with Windows 7 or you have upgraded to Windows 7, you are probably asking yourself.... "Where did the e-mail program go?" Simple answer. It is not there. Unless you have purchased a computer with Microsoft Outlook installed, (part of the MS Office Suite), you will need to install a POP3 program if you want the same functionality that was offered in Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

Windows Live Mail is available as a free download from Microsoft which can utilize Windows Live services such as Messenger, Writer, Photo Gallery and much more. Althrough some services of Windows Live will require you to sign up for a Windows Live ID, it is not necessary to have a Windows Live ID to use the mail and calendar features of Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail is available for supported versions of Windows XP, Vista or Server 2008 and has the ability to import mail settings from qualified POP3 programs.

Downloading Windows Live Mail

Access the Windows Live installer by going to Click the Download button on this page. When prompted, to download the file, choose to Run this file from its current location. Once the installer has downloaded you will see a program selection menu. For the pupose of this tutorial, we will illustrate setting up Windows Live Mail. Information about the installation and use of other Windows Live programs may be found on the Windows Live site.

Windows Live Setup
Choose the programs you want to install

You may be prompted to close any programs that may need to be updated.

Windows Live Setup

Setup will start downloading and installing the programs you have selected.

Windows Live Setup

If you do not want Windows Live Setup to change your home page or default search provider, uncheck the appropriate boxes when prompted.

Windows Live Setup

Once Windows Live Setup is complete, you can close the wizard. Signing up for a Windows Live ID is optional.

Windows Live Setup

To access Windows Live Mail after installation, click the Windows button, scroll to Programs, Windows Live group and select Windows Live Mail. You will be prompted if you want to make Windows Live Mail your default e-mail program.

Windows Live Mail

You may be presented with a Live Mail Setup Wizard when you open the program. If not, simple click the Add e-mail account link on the left menu.

Windows Live Mail

Enter your e-mail address, password and display name when prompted by the wizard.

Windows Live Mail

Enter your mail server settings as shown in the following screen. ( accounts should use for Incoming and Outgoing mail. Make sure you include your e-mail address as the Login ID. You will also need to change the Outgoing Server Port to 587 and check the option "My outgoing server requires authentication.")

Windows Live Mail

When the wizard is complete, you may want to change Windows Live Mail default options for leaving mail on server. Right click on your account name on the left menu and choose Properties. Click the Advanced tab and uncheck the option to Leave a copy of messages on server.

For more tips on using Windows Live Mail, please visit the Windows Live site or consult the help menus within the program.