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We have listed the most commonly used Internet Settings here. Whether you are setting your software up for the first time or trying a new program, these will come in handy.

Topics Covered in this Document
Dial Up Connection Wizards
Dial Up Settings
E-Mail Settings

Dial Up Connection Wizards
Most newer computers with Windows XP or higher pre-installed will have everything you need to connect to the Internet already built in the system. In most cases you only need to answer a few questions and off you go. The actual location of the connection wizard varies depending on the version of Internet Explorer which came with your computer. Gather the information your need for your dial up settings, e-mail settings, etc. then follow the instructions below to locate the Connection Wizard.

Windows 7 - If you are using Windows 7 Internal Link click here to access Connection Wizard instructions.

Get the right answers!
The Connection Wizard will offer many options as you follow the prompts. Although each wizard may be structured differently, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Note: Some computers may include custom manufacturer options as well. Please review the computers documentation if you are unsure of any questions.

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Dial Up Settings
Dial Up Access Numbers:
Decatur County - 845-5285
Henderson County - 845-5285

You do not need to dial the country code and area code when dialing numbers in your local calling area.

Remember! Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and should be in lower case. Usernames should not include "".

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E-Mail Settings - Updated May 1, 2013
POP3 (Incoming Mail Server):
SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server):
IMPORTANT CHANGE - You should select the option that says My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.
The outgoing port must be set to 587
This may vary from your original installation
E-mail Address: (Where username should be replaced with your actual logon username)

Log in using the same and password you access your NetEase account with.
You must include after your username.

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