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Mail server upgrade.
Starting June 1 NetEase has upgrading to a new mail server. With a improved web mail interface, additional spam controls and much more, the mail server upgrade will enhance your mail experience and provide a more secure environment to access your e-mail.

PLUS! 25GB Mailbox storage!

In order to use your pop client or smart phone with the new server, you can take the following steps now to make this transition almost transparent. Please note, if you strictly use web mail, no changes will be required other than how you log in. Additionally, if you have set up mail on your smart phone as per our instructions, no changes will be required other than your login username. Due to tighter password restrictions, user passwords may have to be changed to conform with the new system. If this is required, we will contact you with instructions.

  1. Incoming Mail Server

    Incoming mail server will remain You may use POP3 or IMAP. In most cases, nothing will need to be changed for incoming mail server settings.

  2. Outgoing Mail Server

    Outgoing SMTP server will need to be changed to There should be a check in the option for My Outgoing Server requires authentication.
    The outgoing SMTP Port should be changed to 587.

  3. Username/Account Name

    Due to tighter restrictions on security the username or account name used to log in to the new mail server will require the addition of
    For example, if your username is test, use for your account name.

  4. Web Mail Interface

    Once the transition to the new mail server is completed, users will utilize a totally different web interface. Accessing web mail will still be available by going to, however this will now redirect to a secure web mail site,

  5. Smart Phone Users

    The only changes that should be required are to change your username for incoming and outgoing mail to the format

If you have any questions concerning the upcoming mail server upgrade, please contact us at or 731-845-5640.