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Where did that tool bar come from?
One day you are browsing the Internet and you receive notification that there is an update available for one piece of software or the other. Updates are becoming part of our everyday routine using a PC. Windows updates are frequent as well as several other products that seem to endlessly run updates in the background. After you install these updates on some products, or after installing certain software, you may notice the addition of a toolbar in your Internet browser.

Are toolbars bad? No, not all toolbars are bad. In fact, some toolbars actually provide a little functional features that make it easier for even the novice user to navigate. However, sometimes "too many" toolbars can make it a pain to navigate. So here are a few tips on how to deal with too many toolbars.

Hide the tool bar
The simplest of solutions. Your Internet browser has a way that you can show or hide most tool bars. In Internet Explorer, click the View Menu and then scroll down to Toolbars. (If you are unable to see the View menu, try clicking the Alt button on your keyboard) Uncheck the Toolbar you want to hide.

Internet Explorer Toolbar Options

Firefox has this function as well.

Firefox Toolbar Options

Uninstall the tool bar
If you are not sure how the toolbar was installed to begin with, or you just want it OFF your computer, uninstall it.

Locate Control Panel. (Usually you can click Start, then click Control Panel).
Open Add/Remove Programs (This is just shown as Programs on Windows Vista).
Locate the name of the toolbar you want to uninstall and click Remove.
Some programs will require you to restart your computer to complete the uninstall.

So how did the toolbar get there in the first place?
As mentioned earlier, some toolbars just seem to appear. However, in most cases, the toolbar was installed as part of another software installation. For example, a Java update will by default try to install the MSN toolbar. Adobe updates have the Google toolbar associated with them. These are not always bad, but if you don't like your browsing space covered up with a clutter of toolbars, you have to pay attention to what is being installed on your computer.

By default, there is usually a check in the box that says Install "ABC" toolbar. So instead of just clicking Next, stop and make sure that you have examined all of your options. Un-checking the option to install a toolbar could save you from having to deal with it later.

Spyware toolbars
Not all toolbars are bad. Not all toolbars are good either. Some spyware programs are famous for inserting a toolbar that just does not seem to want to go away. Often times this requires a good spyware utility such as Spybot Search & Destroy or one of the many antivirus programs. In the case of the spyware toolbars, it is not always easy to remove them and may require a computer cleanup by a technician.

If you have questions about Toolbars, please contact our Help Desk at 731-845-5640 or 888-463-8327.