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Trust your computer to a name trusted in the industry for 20 years

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Our technicians have been assisting customers in ridding their computers of spyware and performing operating system maintenance for 20 years. Simply contact our Help Desk at 888-463-8327 (845-5640 Local Calls) and ask to make an appointment to bring your PC in. Due to the time it takes to scan a computer with the many different utilities we utilize, we are unable to perform most of these services on-site. We do offer a remote access service however this does require that your computer can access the Internet. Contact us for details.

Services include Spyware Cleanup, Virus/Trojan Removal, Operating System Cleanup, Operating System Install/Reinstall, Service Pack Installation, Hardware Upgrades, Memory Upgrades and more.

NetEase makes every effort to back up your data prior to working on your computer, however NetEase is not responsible for data loss due to faulty hardware or corrupted files.

We also offer additional services including networking, data cable installation, computer hardware installation and maintenance and much more. Contact us for information on how you can put our experience to work for you.

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Our services cater to business and personal needs for the Internet community. If you're interested in one of our products or experience problems with our service, please contact us online or by voice at 1-888-4-NetEase. Local calls dial 845-5640.