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Wireless Broadband Policy

Due to the shared nature of wireless connectivity, the actions of NetEase customers affect the connectivity and performance of the neighboring customers serviced from the same central point. While NetEase makes significant efforts to ensure that all wireless customers receive equal minimum bandwidth allocations, there is the possibility that neighboring customers may capitalize on the available bandwidth. To limit this possibility, this Wireless Fair Usage Policy (WFUP) has been enacted.

Minimum Bandwidth Allocation

NetEase maintains a minimum of 1024kbps allocated for each customer. While customers may experience speeds faster than 5mbps (while "bursting"), any speed over 5mbps is not guaranteed unless specified in the terms of service package.


Customers may "burst", or experience speeds faster than what is allocated, up to 12mbps only for reasonable amounts of time necessary to complete retreival of e-mail, web pages, Usenet articles, etc. Continuously using more than the bandwidth allocated to download large files, send large e-mails, or watch high-bandwidth video streams for long periods of time is not acceptable and may affect the performance of other wireless customers. NetEase may take action against customers capitalizing on available bandwidth as defined below.

Acceptable Usage

Residential NetEase wireless subscribers may not use their wireless connections to run programs or servers that provide network content or connectivity to any 3rd party not at the location where the connection is installed. Examples of prohibited programs include, but are not limited to, mail, FTP, HTTP, game, newsgroup, proxy, and IRC servers. NetEase reminds its customers that illegally distributing copyrighted material over any medium is against U.S. law.


Customers determined to be in violation of this policy may have service suspended or bandwidth limited as the individual case warrants. Repeat offenders may have service suspended or terminated as NetEase sees fit

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Further details about NetEase policies can be found on the NetEase Service Agreement Page.