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Responsible Use of the Internet

NetEase believes in being a responsible provider of Internet services, and as such, encourages its users to become better-informed about appropriate use of the Internet. Further details about NetEase's stance on systems and network abuse can be found on the NetEase Policy Home Page.

To reduce your chances of receiving large amounts of e-mail, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Be extremely cautious when providing your e-mail address on marketing sites. Often sites such as this will sell your e-mail address to other companies without your permission. More often it is impossible to get removed from their mailing list.
  2. Use caution in posting your e-mail address on public web sites.
  3. DO NOT respond to SPAM mail. E-mail that has disclaimers such as "Hit reply and type REMOVE in the subject line to be removed from our list" are generally bogus. By replying your are merely verifying your address exists.
  4. If you post to newsgroups on a frequent basis, consider putting "nospam" in front of your e-mail address. e.g.; Often spammers will use robots to spider newsgroups and collect e-mail addresses. You might put a disclaimer on your post that says to remove "nospam" from your address for serious correspondents. SPAMMERS are lazy, they will not take the time to read this.
  5. Exercise the same caution in chat rooms and other communications programs such as ICQ.
  6. Download a utility such as Malware Bytes to search your computer for known spy-ware which could be transmitting your e-mail information without your knowledge.

Tip - Our Policy team has been tracking a series of spams that include references to images on the spammers server. Some of these servers have been located and action has been taken to disable the images from loading. However it would be impossible to catch them all. Some users have successfully filtered such messages from their main mailbox by creating the following rule in their Web Mail box:

If Body Contains img src send to filter

This rule moves all incoming messages referencing external images to a folder called filter in your mailbox. You can log in to Web Mail and check this folder. If valid message make it to this folder simply move the valid messages to your Main box where you can download them to your computer.

For more information on creating filters in your mail box see our Quick Tips under Technical Support site.

We present here a number of resources on the WWW about responsible use of email, USENET, and other Internet services. Note that NetEase is not responsible for the content of any of these sites, and does not necessarily condone any philosophical viewpoint or course of action suggested within these documents.

Reports of activity in violation of this policy may be sent in e-mail to

Further details about NetEase policies can be found on the NetEase Service Agreement Page.