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Reporting Abuse

If you wish to file a complaint about an abusive NetEase customer, you must provide the following information to us:

  1. Your real name, e-mail address, and the name and location of your Internet Service Provider. We will discard complaints from anonymous or fake addresses.
  2. A copy of the COMPLETE TEXT of the objectionable message, INCLUDING ALL HEADERS. Please do NOT send excerpted parts of a message; sending a copy of the whole message, including headers, helps to prevent misunderstandings based on incomplete information, or information used out of context. Full headers let us see what path the message has taken, and enable us to determine whether or not any part of the message was forged; this information is vital to our investigation. Please consult your e-mail program help to learn how to display header information.
  3. The text of your complaint; you should be as specific as possible about what your complaint is. UCE or SPAM (unsolicited commercial email), ECP (excessive cross-posting on USENET), and EMP (excessive multiple posting on USENET) are standard; if your complaint is about something else, you will need to go into detail.
  4. Your signature (if FAXing) or phone number (if emailing).
  5. If sending firewall logs, you must indicate the time stamp in relation to GMT. (For example GMT -0500).

We will not accept attachments in abuse complaints. Complaints should be send in plain text format only.

You must provide us with your contact information; though we will archive and investigate all complaints, we cannot in good conscience terminate a customer's service in response to an anonymous complaint. For legal reasons, we must have the entire headers of any offending messages in order to take action.

We want to ensure that, should a NetEase customer challenge his/her termination for abuse, we have ample documentation to prove their violation of NetEase acceptable use policies. Your formal complaint is important, as it assists us with collecting enough evidence to terminate the customer in a responsible manner. We realize that this may be not be the most convenient abuse-reporting scheme, but it is one that allows us to assure that no forgery has taken place, and the complaints originate from multiple parties with corroborating evidence.

We will take prompt action upon receiving verifiable documentation of wrongdoing, according to our AUP Enforcement Procedure.

Questions about this policy should be sent to our policy department.

Reports of activity in violation of this policy may be sent in e-mail to

Further details about NetEase policies can be found on the NetEase Service Agreement Page.