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Unlimited Usage Policy
The following policies serve as an extension to the NetEase Customer Service Agreement.

Limitations of Dial-Up Services
Although NetEase Internet Access Service advertises "Unlimited Access" in regards to it's Dial-Up services, there are several limitations applied. The sole purpose of these limitations is to limit the amount of unnecessary use of NetEase Internet Access Service services by any such user, which restricts overall system availability for other such users. These limitations apply only to Dial-Up access services offered by NetEase Internet Access Service.

What does "Unlimited" really mean?
The meaning of the term unlimited is certainly unclear when used in reference to on-line services, because all such services have limitations. Knowledgeable Internet users often associate the term unlimited with frequent busy signals, so we don't describe our NetSurfer Deluxe Account as unlimited.

Instead of using the term unlimited, we describe it as "un-metered, interactive usag", where interactive is defined as while you are at your computer, guiding it's operation. This allows you to use the service as much as you need to, but helps us prevent excessive consumption by inconsiderate users.

NetEase Internet Access Service "NetSurfer Deluxe Accounts" have no preset quotas for online time. Our intention with no preset quotas is to make our services available to customers without undue concern on their part regarding usage charges.

Sometimes a customer will choose to abuse our policy and consume resources beyond reasonable expectations. When a customer exhibits a pattern of such behavior we may choose to impose exact quotas on that specific customer, or we may exercise our right to terminate the offending account. We contact the customer and caution them that continued abuse will result in the account being terminated.

Session Time-out
Customer agrees to have an online session automatically terminated after eight (8) hours of consecutive time, regardless of data transferred during such specific online session. Customer may dial back into our network and continue for another consecutive 8 hour session.

Idle Time-out
There will be a 20 minute idle timer in effect for all dialup accounts, meaning if no activity takes place during your online connection, your session will be disconnected. Dialup accounts may not be kept connected with a so-called "keep-alive" of any sort, such as, but not limited to; ping, automatic email check, and any similar activity that would give the impression there is interactive use. Customers should not leave their system unattended for any extended period while connected to NetEase Internet Access Service. The sole exception is for the downloading of large files. The connection should be checked periodically to see when the download will be completed and that it has not stalled.

Multiple, Concurrent Online Sessions
Access to Dialup Accounts may not be shared. Dial-up accounts are designed and priced for personal, interactive use only. NetEase Internet Access Service dial-up accounts are registered to a single individual. That individual has sole ownership and rights over the use of his/her account.

Customer accounts will be locked without warning when NetEase Internet Access Service has cause to believe that login information has been shared, enabling more than one individual to make concurrent use of the account. Connection via more than one modem at a time will be considered concurrent use.

Dialup accounts may not be used for the operation of unattended servers or hosts.

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Further details about NetEase policies can be found on the NetEase Service Agreement Page.