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The Network Policy Center at NetEase Internet Access Service is responsible for handling reports of system/network abuse perpetrated by NetEase customers and/or guest users, and answering the, and mailboxes.

The NetEase Acceptable Use Policy is available for your perusal. Before filing any complaint, please read our AUP.

Our AUP specifically prohibits "spam", including the sending of large numbers of unsolicited email messages, which is defined as email sent to persons that have not requested such email. Examples include marketing emails or solicitation for services. Emails sent to more than 250 recipients will be blocked by our mail servers. If you need a service to send large amounts of mail to, consider a service such as iContact. Un-authorized SMTP mail relaying will not be tolerated or allowed in any manner! Remote email users must use authenticated SMTP to send mail through our servers.

Reports of activity in violation of this policy may be sent in e-mail to

Further details about NetEase policies can be found on the NetEase Service Agreement Page.