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Wireless Broadband.
Utilizing the latest technology in broadband Internet services you can experience faster downloads and "always on" connections with our wireless broadband services.
Computer repair, network consulting, virus removal and more. Our in-house technicians put their experience to work for you. Web Hosting.
More than just a place to host your web site, we offer a variety of services that let you worry about running your business, not your web site.

Internet Access and more since 1996
NetEase has offered a variety of Internet services to our local communities since 1996. We would like to thank all of our customers for over 20 years of allowing us to serve you.

Notifications from explained
If you are a domain owner and you receive email from that reads similiar to this...
According to the current ICANN Policies it is mandantory for all Registars, to verify the validity of the email addresses of the Whois owner contact.
Your email address to be verified is

This is followed by a blue button that reads Verify Email Address!

You are not asked to provide any username or password to accept this link. You will be sent to a page that simply ask Yes or No concerning your email address being listed as the owner of the domain.

This verification step is normal and required in order to verify that you are the valid owner of the email address the domain has listed in the whois information.

Updated Invoices
Effective February 1, 2014, customers will experience a new look with their monthly invoices. We have teamed up with FreshBooks to deliver your invoices to you and offer more payment options.

Got a new iPhone or iPad?
With just a few simple steps you can set up your iPhone or iPad to access your e-mail through NetEase.

Click here for instructions

Phishing Attempts
What is a Phishing Attempt? Phishing is usually associated with bogus e-mails or web sites that attempt to obtain personal information, including account information, banking information and more. We urge customers to learn how to identify phishing attempts so they can deal with them accordingly. In regards to e-mail attempts, if you ever receive e-mails claiming to be from NetEase, keep in mind that NetEase will never request ANY personal or financial information via e-mail.